Strategic Plan


Johnson County Library is committed to listening to the needs of our community and providing services, materials, public spaces, events, programming and ideas that will bring value to people’s lives. As the world changes and continues to evolve, so too do the needs and desires of our community. In the spring of 2018, Johnson County Library reached out to ask a question. Are we fulfilling our commitment, and how can we improve?

The answers to this essential question directly informed the 2019-2023 strategic plan, which will guide the work of the library for the next five years.


STRATEGIC VISION: Johnson County Library creates inclusive and welcoming environments that spark curiosity and learning.

OUTCOME: People will learn about themselves and the world.

EXECUTIVE GOAL: Provide a premier customer experience by improving and annually reviewing all defined Johnson County Library services.


STRATEGIC VISION: Johnson County Library staff collaborates and coordinates to create efficient procedures and processes that provide exceptional customer service.

OUTCOME: People will receive seamless service.

EXECUTIVE GOAL: Develop and review the annual budget, allocating resources to align with strategic goals and tactics.


STRATEGIC VISION: Johnson County Library offers neutral spaces and opportunities where all voices are equal and connections are forged.

OUTCOME: People will thrive and prosper.

EXECUTIVE GOAL: Annually review and align the 2019-2023 strategic partnerships to continue to support the mission of Johnson County Library.


STRATEGIC VISION: Johnson County Library listens to and shares information with all, building strong connections and relationships.

OUTCOME: People will be connected.

EXECUTIVE GOAL: Set and annually review the communication vision and mission for Johnson County Library.


STRATEGIC VISION: Johnson County Library delivers services and materials how, when and where patrons want.

OUTCOME: People will be surprised and delighted.

EXECUTIVE GOAL: Lead and administer the twenty year Comprehensive Library Master Plan with provided resources.

Johnson County residents
Johnson County stakeholders, policy makers, elected officials
Johnson County Library Board of Directors
KU Public Management Center
Johnson County Library leadership and staff