Memories in the Making

Tuesday, September 5 to Friday, December 22, 2017

The paintings in this exhibit were created during Memories in the Making©, a program of the Alzheimer’s Association.  Though words may become difficult and many abilities fade, each person has a lifetime of experiences that can find expression through art. In Memories in the Making© watercolor painting sessions are held weekly and hosted in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, adult day programs and community settings to provide opportunities for individuals experiencing memory loss to tap into their feelings, memories, and creativity.  Many of the pieces you see here were created by artists with no prior painting experience.  These works, accompanied by the photo portraits and biographical sketches of the artists, are a testament to the strengths and abilities that remain with a person well into the disease process.  We share this collection with you in the hope that you will feel the beauty and power of what feelings can do when they find expression, and affirm the unique personhood of each artist. 


My Brush Speaks

My brush speaks.

The vibrant language of

Color and form

Probes my memory,

Captures my thoughts,

Awakens my mind

To the beauty of life.

Listen!  Listen to my canvas!

My words are absent

But, ah!  My brush speaks.

  • Marilyn Kingsley Stearns



For more information about Memories in the Making© please contact or call 913-831-3888.