Shawnee Mission West Student Work on Paper

Saturday, January 9 to Sunday, May 15, 2016

Students were asked to interpret the phrase “PS, I Love You”.  Text was not to be used by the artist to aid the viewer in understanding the message – visual communication only.

Two different types of print processes were used to create the images. 

Most of the prints in this exhibit are Drypoint Etchings.  In this form of printmaking the image is “scratched” into a Plexiglas plate with a sharp tool.  When the image is complete, ink is applied to the plate – pushed down into the etched marks and wiped clean from the non-image areas.  The print paper is first soaked in water and then excess water is blotted from the paper before printing.  The inked plate is placed face-up on the press bed and the paper is placed face-down on the plate.  Felt blankets soften the pressure of the press and force the dampened paper into the etched marks where it picks up the ink – creating the printed image (a reverse of the image etched in the plate).

The second type of print in the exhibit is Cliché Verra – a photographic print process.  In these prints the main image is a digital photograph that was inkjet printed onto a transparent sheet of film.  That film was then “etched” or drawn on – adding additional imagery.  When the film is complete, it is then contact printed onto regular Gelatin Silver photo paper in a traditional analog darkroom.  The finished print is a “cameraless photograph”.


Casey W. (Junior), Rian S. (Senior), Mina M. (Senior), Leah P. (Senior), Jake B. (Junior), Haley W. (Junior), Dongjie S. (Senior), Janna P. (Junior), Rowan L. (Junior), Madison G. (Sophomore), Gillian D. (Junior), Trey W. (Senior), Mariana A. (Junior), Emily D. (Sophomore), Zoey W. (Sophomore) and Keith B. (Senior) 

This exhibition was made possible through a partnership with InterUrban ArtHouse (IUAH), a non-profit organization creating a new hub for arts and culture in Johnson County, Kansas. IUAH’s mission is to enrich the cultural and economic vibrancy of Downtown Overland Park and surrounding community by creating a place where artists and creative industries can work and prosper in an affordable, sustainable and inclusive environment.  

 Reception on March 12 from 11 am - 1 pm