Meet the Presenter: Susana Bruhn

Susana Bruhn is the founder of GUILDit, an organization that helps artists grow their businesses and work to expand the arts. She is also a visual artist, poet, and owner of FluidUI Web Services.

Susana is firmly rooted in the Kansas City arts scene, having shown in Kansas City galleries and worked at the Kansas City Art Institute as well as Hallmark. In addition, she founded a local design group, held board positions, and curated art shows.

She knows what it takes to be a successful and dynamic creative entrepreneur. She values community and connection when creating, sharing, and making a living from art. We are thrilled she is joining us for the Writers Conference this year, providing two sessions on networking.

Fun fact: Her work was chosen to appear on the show ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover.

View a 2-minute video of GUILDit celebrating 7 years of growing KC Art/Biz.

-- written by Jesseca Bear, adult services information specialist