Women's History Month 2022

History is our past retold from written, visual and spoken sources. Those speeches, writings, films, photographs and oral histories communicate so much! History is essentially storytelling meant to shed light on individual and group experience. It records facts, opinions and attitudes. And, it notes change over time. March is Women's History Month and we invite you to join Johnson County Library in commemorating and celebrating the vital role of women in American, and specifically Johnson County, history.

How we celebrate:

  • Time travel through Women's History at JoCoHistory. You will find photographs, newspaper articles, oral histories and other artifacts that share the experiences of women in Johnson County over the course of its history
  • Explore our Women's Fiction recommendations 
  • Listen to female Local Musicians
  • Read works from local women authors on our JoCoWrites Blog 
  • Delve into our Women's Studies Archive and Women: Transnational Networks resources, both available in our History and Biography collection