By: Corbin Burright

Every summer I had to go down to my aunt and uncle’s house in Nebraska. There was never anything to do. They didn’t live near any kids or other people to accompany me. They didn’t feel like they needed cable TV or internet because they were just all-around boring people. Every summer I had to go there because my mom was killed in a scuba diving accident involving a pack of disturbed penguins and my dad goes and drills for oil on a rig every summer. That leaves me with no one except my boring ol’ aunt and uncle. Every day I would sleep as late as I could to hopefully make the day go by a little faster; then I would go exploring in the forest. There wasn’t ever anything interesting in the forest, but literally that was all there was to do. After a day of lengthy and pointless and boring activities in the forest, I decided I should probably go back to the house for another subpar dinner. As I was approaching the opening of the forest that my uncle had cleared, I heard a loud crash. Immediately I was excited. I hadn’t heard anything but my voice or my aunt’s and uncle’s voices the entire month I had been in Nebraska, so anything got me excited. All thoughts of dinner had left my head, and I was focused solely on finding out what that noise was from. I ran through the dangling branches, approached a giant hole in the ground with smoke bellowing out of it, looked down through the cloudiness and saw what became apparent as a UFO. And sitting right on top of it was a blue and white extraterrestrial. He looked sad and ashamed. For some reason I knew not to be afraid, and I tried to talk to him and ask him what was wrong. I just wanted to find out if we could communicate. He didn’t respond to my greeting or questions. He just sat there, legs and arms crossed, head looking down. After about a minute of silence he shook his head and said, “My life is over.” I’m not sure if his native language was English or his brain could just do any language necessary to communicate with other beings. Curiously I asked what he meant by saying that his life was over? It turns out he was an adolescent alien that stole his parents’ ship for a night out on the alien town without them knowing it, and he crashed it right there in the forest. The UFOs of his kind had tracking devices on them, and he explained to me that within a matter of minutes his parents would be there to pick him up, and then he was going to be in some serious trouble. After he explained the whole situation to me, we sat in silence for about a minute. He took out some kind of alien drug and offered it to me. He said he didn’t want to talk to his parents sober. I declined. Anyway, about 5 minutes later, a tractor beam came down and picked him up. The crashed ship disappeared almost immediately after he left. I decided not to talk about my experiences with the alien to my aunt and uncle. I just went back to the house and ate my worse-than-subpar meal in silence.