By: Anonymous

i don’t leave my house except for
school and work, both of which
i dread with anxiety like gym
weights. i never work out either
because there are people who
watch me, every hour of the day.
i listen to music to make sure i
don’t think any thoughts because
people can read them and this i
know for a fact and no one will ever
be able to prove me one hundred
percent wrong and i will never know
so it’s better to be cautious and
search every room for hidden
cameras because these people are
watching me in my own house and
everyone in the world is in on it and
i am the only real thing in this world
and it’s too scary to go out to the
real world with too many variables
and unknowns when my mind is
safe my mind tells me the truth
about the people who watch
me and i am not crazy like my
psychiatrist says it’s up to me
to look out for myself and he says
that i’m paranoid because i am
lonely and it gives me self-
importance but i know he’s the
crazy one here not me please
tell me i’m not crazy because
i’m not, i’m not, i’m not i am NOT