By: Meghan Dillon

The sun dawns upon me
Again I’m greeted to gasps of reality
Holding onto dreams I can disappear into 
until the day breaks, bright and true
Every morning I breathe incapabilities 
but I still wake with a certain heart
Knowing you’ll rise over the hill, I race to see
You are unaltered energy stirring motion in me.

Daylight settles, illuminating all I wish to know
If only I had run back 
to collect what was left of your horizon glow 
Because suddenly I notice you have shifted my shadow
I’m out of time. 

I search the soil for your reflection in raindrops dried
and I feel your warmth from above but can’t look to the sky 
Staring down to scorched ground or up to burn my eyes
You leave only one option, saying to me: 

It is now time to look ahead.
Take the first step as I set over your grand expanse
Don’t worry as my radiance fades
Instead let shivers send you into a celestial dance 
And in your discomfort you can find peace
knowing we’ll soon be pulled together again.
But don’t forget the night also has a special kind of embrace 
Draping you in shadows of unknown opportunity
And unmasking constellations that glitter of destiny
In places of doubt, remember that I have not abandoned you
Rather, my shift reminds that change always continues
Whether you find yourself in hours of safety or unease
Do not fight my movement, this is where you are meant to be. 
– Sincerely, 
The Sun