By: Matthew Morefield

Peer pressure,
You always hear,
Those words spoken.
What they don’t know,

Is the pressure of family,
Continually asking,
What happened today?
Your parents wonder,
Why you answered,
Answered nothing.

The reason is simple,
Simple as hell.
You don’t need to know,

It didn’t happen to you,
It happened to me.
Nor was it about you,
It was about me.
I don’t care what you think,

It’s completely irrelevant,

Irrelevant to the situation,
Irrelevant to me.

If it affected you,

You would know.
Maybe you actually care,

But the story is different,
One of those,
You had to be there things.

I trust you,
Remember that.
My emotions matter,
I talk to my friends for a reason.

They were there,
They understand.
If you were there I would tell you,

You would know first.
Instead I confide,
Not in family but friends.

It may be different,
But to me it’s better.
Better to confide in someone,

Someone who understands,
Then someone,
Someone who cares.