Secret Keeper

By: Emily Birger

I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t let go.
I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t let her true colors show.
The girl who hides her sadness as if she’s wearing a mask
And says that everything is fine.
The girl who pretends everything is sublime.
But on stage she’s the only thing that could ever matter.
Not now, no, nothing can stop her.
The stage is her home away from home.
The stage makes her feel loved and never alone.
The girl inside never got shown or got to play.
The secret keeper locked her away and always
kept her inside and intended for her to stay.
The girl inside would yell and shout.
Until the secret keeper can’t hold on any longer and lets her out.
The girl inside gets a breath of fresh air
And knows everything will be okay.
And that was the day the new girl came to stay
And the secret keeper got locked away.
Now she is like a rose unveiling its first petals during spring.
And all she ever does is sing.
She now knows it matters not what people think of you,
But how you think of what you do.