Slip & Fly

By: Gaby Kill

my phone burns a hole in my pocket,
and i think all this "burning calories" has gotten to it
rub a friction rash between my thighs, maybe if you sand down for long enough there'll be a gap
i cant bridge with trig. I'll protest my professor cause the triangle is the second strongest shape
behind hourglass in my mind

and i wish I were an architect of more than my calorie content
bounce my leg in lecture until my muscles run dry, ask siri when the career fair is and how much I'll burn walking to it
sipping green tea, molten solder, the anorexic all As in my gradebook stand for 86-calorie
apples and arcsine(pi/4)
that one d is for derivative because the slope of my hips is always a little too curvy

sometimes the balsa wood cracks
in my backpack like I do
and it splinters like it is vomiting with the volume all the way down, cosy campfire wood has
never looked so bad on a 1/16 scale
-- I'll kiss the floorboards
intersect my head (f(x) and the cement stairs (g(x))
it's dry until it isn't huh
take a thirteen minute nap or I'll be bloody and late to my next class
warm puddle pillow did you know we can't sense liquid, only temperature and texture and we do the mental math

is there a sucralose substitution for seconds to make them pass but not count, cause Imma let
my head spin counterclockwise until I'm arm-yanked to the surface

you're supposed to lose half a point on health when your phone is warmer than your fingers
(can I use our lab glue I can't seem to get a grip)
lubricant makes it harder, my thin blood's usually less slippy
what did I forget this morning?
electronic circuits lab 180
electrolyte powder in my waterbottle
a hoodie. my heat's going. I feel so cold.