Time’s Beauty

By: Willow Vaughn

Time is a girl with curly hair that bounces with every step and twirl she takes
She talks with her hands but never fails to find the right word to say
She can be by your side one second and gone the next
Getting lost in the crowd is fun to her
She is bipolar with moods that seem too intense to handle, but somehow she does
Her tears come like storms, heavy and all at once
Her anger feels like an earthquake that shakes the world beneath her feet
She likes to tangle her hands in people’s hair
Her sleeves are dyed with stains of paint and blood
There are small calluses on the sides of her fingers
Her shoulders are weighed down but her back is always straight and proud
Her smile is watery; sad but hopeful
She enjoys the theater and art museums 
There is always soil under her fingernails
Modern medical practices fascinate her
She doesn’t know what career she wants; says there are too many to choose from
Hard candy is her favorite, especially the coffee flavored ones
Her eyes are brown like a worn leather journal
She knows all of the past and present, but never the future
She can’t keep secrets
When she smiles, everything around her seems to stop
Time is a girl, and she is beautiful