By: Jessica Sutter

I’ve taken this road
So many times
Seen these things
Over and again
I’m getting tired
Of singing the same old lines
And getting to the fork in the path
And thinking it’s the end
I’d just like to thank you
For all that you’ve done
You’ve shown me you can’t be trusted
Nor can anyone
You’ve proven that my dreams will only be
Inside my head
You’ve told my that my song’s been sung, and it’s over
My last chance has passed
It’s all thanks to you
That my hopes are dead
So thank you for telling me
That fairy tales are fantasy
Thank you for making me
The person you see
Thank you for crushing my dreams
Shattering trust
Telling my secrets
Letting hopes rust
Breaking my heart
And doing it again
But now it’s all been said
All said and done
Gotta move on now
Gotta get back to where I was
Just one last thing
I’d like to thank you for
Thank you for proving
That there’s no such thing
As a happy ending