You Know What Hurts

By: Zander Glynn

When racial slurs are used against you
When people leave you out because of your skin color
When people look at you because of your skin
When you know you’re different
When someone spits at you because of your skin
When your own family won’t talk to you
When your friends you call brothers leave you
When the person that you have trusted has given away your secrets
When the one you love most isn’t there anymore
When your own parents give up on you
When the one you loved died but you left some words unsaid
When your friend’s parents wouldn’t let you hang because of your skin
When deep down in your heart you know you’re doing wrong
When you look in the mirror and you are not satisfied
When you wake up and you still feel pain
When you see the ones around you hurt
When you hide your pain with a smile
When you need to be strong but you don’t want to
Now You Know What Hurts