1984 by George Orwell
George Orwell
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Feb 28, 2023

I read 1984 for my English class and I have mixed feelings about Orwell's novel. On one
hand, I really appreciate his writing style and I believe the purpose behind the book is
important for everyone to hear. However, it was a very slow start and terribly boring during
part one. And the ending, don't even get me started. I was not happy that Winston finished
the book submitting to everything he had fought against for years. I couldn't make up my
feelings on Winston and Julia's relationship as well. I got the vibe that Winston loved Julia a
lot more and that she really didn't care about Winston. After all, she had already had
previous relationships that had ended dreadfully. So, I wasn't surprised when Julia betrayed
Winston when imprisoned. I think overall I would give 1984 three stars out of five which
honestly could be a little too high of a review. 1984 is a classic that's been read for decades
and I don't think it would be fair to undercut the underlying message as well as the historical
reason, the Holocaust, for the book.


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Addison S.

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