1984 by George Orwell
George Orwell
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Apr 19, 2023

The book follows Winston Smith, a low ranking member of the ruling Party in London in the nation of Oceania. The Party watches the citizens through telescreens. Everywhere he would look there was the party’s leader, Big Brother. The Party would control citizens’ minds and they would erase history to make the past what they wanted it to. Winston did not want to follow the Party’s strict rules and wanted to take down the Party. Winston met a woman who he soon began a secretive relationship with and they joined the Brotherhood, a group that would do anything to take down the Party. Julia and Winston were in a room that they were staying in secretly. There was a hidden telescreen that was watching them and then the Thought Police came and took them into custody. While they were in custody they were subjected to interrogations and beatings. This was where at the end of the book you can see that Winston’s perspective changed towards the Party after he was in custody for several months. I rate this book a 2 out of 10 because it was a little slow paced. The ending of the book was confusing to me and I would have enjoyed the book better if the ending was changed. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading dystopian novels. 

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