Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick

Joe Schreiber
Feb 24, 2014

Perry Stormaire has a major problem: all he wants to do is go play a gig with his band in New York City, but instead, his parents are making him take the weird Lithuanian exchange student to prom.  Perry is chronically unable to say no to his overbearing father, so he reluctantly but politely takes Gobi to the dance.  At her request, they end up in New York City anyway, and then in a moment that floors Perry, she tears away her bulky outfit to reveal a slinky dress and an amazing body; no less amazing, she kills a man.  What follows is a whirlwind chase through New York City as Gobi plans to kill more people and Perry is forced to help her.

To me, this book was the perfect combination of humor, insight and action.  The chapters are punctuated with questions from college applications, reminding us both of the pressure on Perry to attend a good school and also of the life-changing impact his crazy night in New York will have on him.  This is Schreiber's first young adult novel, but not his first thriller, and that experience shows in the near-perfect pacing of Au Revoir.  All teens will have fun with this one, especially boys, who will appreciate the humor and action.

Written by Bethany T.

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