Auggie and Me

Auggie and Me by R. J. Palacio
R. J. Palacio
Jun 5, 2021

We all know about Auggie in the book Wonder, but R.J. Palacio made another book about other people’s point of view from Auggie’s time. Auggie and Me features Charlotte, Julian and Auggie’s friend Christopher’s view during Auggie’s time and a little after as well. This book is a good book if you want to see the bullying of Auggie from Julian’s point of view. This book is wonderful, but you should read it after reading Wonder.

I loved this book; I read it multiple times. I really like seeing all the points of view and not just those points of view but in Wonder we see a lot of point of views and it adds up really well. This book is good for ages 8 and above. I think if you liked Wonder you will like this book as well. I would rate Auggie and Me 4 stars because I loved all the fun and the emotion. If you like reading books like Wonder you will like this book a lot.

Written by
Sriha P.

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