To Be Perfectly Honest

To Be Perfectly Honest by Sonya Sones
Sonya Sones
Jun 25, 2018

Colette is addicted to lying. Her friends can no longer trust her because she can not help but lie all the time. And when her movie star mother drags her to spend the entire summer on set in a boring little town in the middle of nowhere, Colette is less than thrilled. But then she meets a sexy biker named Connor, he is older, funny, gorgeous, and totally into her. So what if she lied to him about her age, and who her mother is. But what she doesn't know is that Connor is keeping secrets of his own.

It's been a long time since I've read a novel in verse, but I have to say that I liked it. This book was a fast read, one that I enjoyed. The lies in this book were so believable. I just love how this book tells lies and sometimes you don't know if what she says is true or not.

This one is for YA readers who like challenging characters, who like verse novels, and who are good with "tough" topics like sex, drugs, and drinking in their books.

Written by
Olivia from Leawood Pioneer Library YAAC

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