Between Perfect and Real

Between Perfect and Real by Ray Stoeve
Ray Stoeve
Oct 6, 2021

June’s daily life revolves around her best friend, Jess. But when June gets sent away to Virginia because of underage drinking, it seems to be the start of a series of bad events for her. While living with her grandmother, she goes through growth, discovery, and learning to be independent.

This story is written nicely. It shows how June changes for the better throughout the book.  The book shows us how June strengthens her relationship with her loved ones, while also learning to surround herself with good people.  I enjoyed how the characters were not perfect, but instead they were relatable. The cover and the title of the book do the book justice. The title shows how June feels about moving to Virginia. The cover also shows June sitting by herself while watching the sky, indicating that she is reflecting on herself. I enjoyed the book overall and recommend this book to those who enjoy reading contemporary, slow burn books.

Written by
Marium K.

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