The Book Thief

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Markus Zusak
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Dec 9, 2021

Told through the point of view of Death, we follow a young German girl named Liesel. She is living in the midst of World War II in Germany, the heart of the Nazi regime. After stealing her very first book, she finds comfort in the words and develops a passion for reading and learning. However, soon her life is put into danger when her parents decide to hide a Jew, the once thought of enemy.

I really enjoyed this book because it is told through Death’s perspective. They basically make Death a person, which is something you don’t see often. Even though this takes place during depressing times, there are a lot of fun moments and characters that provide comfort and joy. One of my favorite characters in this book was Rudy, her best friend throughout the book. I would definitely recommend this book if you want a new perspective on World War II!

Written by
N.A. Singh

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