Can't Look Away

Can't Look Away by Donna Cooner
Donna Cooner
Oct 21, 2021

Can’t Look Away, by Donna Cooner, is a realistic fiction book. Torrey Grey, an amazing beauty vloggers’ life changes, when her sister dies. After her sister dies, fans are blaming her for the death. Hate comments are bashing Torrey. Now, that she goes to a new school, can Torey trust the people? What if they know about her sister’s death?

I enjoyed reading this book because it has a really good plot. I also think that the title is creative. It was a good book because it included many details. Torrey is trying to deal with the hate comments, while she moves to another school, in a different state. Mostly, the plot is very well done.

I love the cover. The cover, I believe, is different pictures of Torrey feeling ashamed and remorse. I like that all the pictures are different. It shows that Torrey is dealing with a lot.  I give the book a 5/5.

Written by
Saathwika A.

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