Catch the Light

Catch the Light by Kate Sweeney
Kate Sweeney
Nov 18, 2021

When Mary’s father passes away, she decides to move from California to New York, in hopes of starting fresh. She is faced with balancing her old life, friends, and grief, all while forming romance. Is Mary able to face her past? Read more to find out!

I liked how the author portrayed serious themes such as grief in this story. The author managed to show how it’s not the same with everyone, and how serious it is. I enjoyed how Mary had interests and bonds that helped her cope with her grief. I didn’t really like the romance in this book though, I feel like it should’ve leaned more towards self-discovery and healing instead. The cover of the book really captures the essence of the story and is what pulled me in to read it in the first place. I would overall rate this book a 3/5.

Written by
Marium K.

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