Closer to Nowhere

Closer to Nowhere by Ellen Hopkins
Ellen Hopkins
Oct 4, 2021

Closer to Nowhere is an inspiring and eye-opening fiction novel by Ellen Hopkins. This book is about a boy named Cal, who has PTSD. When his mom died when he was nine, he moved in with his dad. His dad, who went to prison two times, abused Cal by hitting him and telling him to lie to the government on his behalf. When Cal’s dad went to prison again, he moved in with his aunt and uncle, and his cousin Hannah. Every so often he would run away for one reason or the other. Then something happens at his and his cousin’s school.

I love the way the author describes every single character and lets them act the way they act without being judged by other characters, but the format of the book was a little hard to read and understand at times. I recommend this book to those who are struggling with their life, or to those who know someone struggling with their life. That is why I rate Closer to Nowhere a 4/5.

Written by
Shreya A.

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