The Color of Lies

The Color of Lies by CJ Lyons
CJ Lyons
Dec 7, 2021

The Color of Lies is a mind-bending story that will keep you hanging by the edge of your seat. When the main character, Ella, meets the mysterious Alec, her world gets turned upside down. Together they will unleash deep family secrets that will change Ella’s life forever. The imagery the book possessed was surreal, it really felt like I was living inside the story. I also loved how the author incorporated Ella’s synesthesia into the story, it was a unique way for the readers to get a glimpse into how the main character processed her thoughts and emotions. This allowed for me to understand the character better, and once again made it feel like I was truly part of the story. Overall, I really enjoyed this reading this book, and I recommend it to anyone who likes mystery and major plot twists. I rate it a 5/5 stars.

Written by
Emily N.

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