The Dare

The Dare by Hannah Jayne
Hannah Jayne
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Jun 28, 2022

The Dare by Hannah Jayne is about a teenager named Brynn that hides a frightening secret. Trying to run away from the past, Brynn and her family move to a city where she can start new. Or so she thought. Brynn and her best friend, Erica were the best of friends. They did everything together, but one night Brynn had a crazy dare. And only one of them came back. After Erica’s death, Brynn has been receiving terrifying messages that make her question if she is dead after all. If she isn’t, is she up for revenge to make Brynn suffer the way she did all those months ago?

This book had a strong plot, but sometimes some parts of it got boring, I would recommend to those who like thrillers and there is an interesting plot twist toward the end. I would rate this book 4/5.

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