Dear Martin

Dear Martin
Nic Stone
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Mar 20, 2023

Justyce McAllister is a high school senior and a passionate debater, going along with fellow student Sarah-Jane Friedman and mentor Dr. Jarius Dray. But, he is surrounded by problems in his personal life along with the major issue of racism. Along the way, He finds himself in multiple encounters with the legal system. Through it all, he reminds himself of the great Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy, attempting to follow his example in the divided world. This work by Nic Stone encourages a deep perspective when considering the universal issue regarding discrimination based on the color of one’s skin. Along such ties the development of family issues and Justyce’s internal conflicts. To me, these elements make the novel captivating to read while addressing the issues of the world today. Certainly a title one can read multiple times. Five out of Five.

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