The Diary of Anne Frank and Related Readings

The Diary of Anne Frank and Related Readings
Frances Goodrich
Feb 21, 2022

The Diary of Anne Frank and Related Readings, edited by Frances Goodrich, is Historical Non-Fiction. Hiding with the Van Pels family was the Frank family. Among the Frank family was Anne Frank, a young woman who, no matter what happens, is always so cheerful. The Frank family, along with the Van Pels family, goes into hiding in the Secret Annex. The Secret Annex is a very tight place. There are strict rules, and everyone has to obey them. Anne writes down her feelings and what goes around in the annex.

Learning about the Holocaust means a lot to me. I really enjoyed reading this because I learned about Anne Frank. I also read Annexed, which was from Peter’s perspective. Knowing how Anne Frank felt during hiding was exciting. I would for sure recommend this to anybody! I like the cover. It has pictures of Anne Frank on it. My rating is 5/5.

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