The Fear

The Fear by Natasha Preston
Natasha Preston
Aug 2, 2022

The Fear by Natasha Preston is about Izzy, a girl whose town whose
town becomes a murder hotspot after a meme gets shared. The meme
says to tell your worst fear of dying. Izzy thinks it stupid, and is a bit
frightened of it anyway so she tries to avoid it. But others start sharing and
then murders start taking place. Murders that take place according to the
victim’s worst fear of dying. Izzy is determined to find out who is behind this
sinister idea of fun, and actions always have consequences.

This was the most recent novel by Natasha Preston and it was pretty good
for the most part. I liked how it was told from Izzy’s and the murderer’s pov.
I also was frightened and surprised by the end and the murderer reveal. I
would rate 4/5 .

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Teen Book Reviewer

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