Finale by Stephanie Garber
Stephanie Garber
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Mar 4, 2023

Finale by Stephanie Garber


The story continues for Scarlett and Tella Dragna in Finale, the shocking conclusion to the Caraval trilogy. Set after the events of Caraval and Legendary, Scarlett and Tella must defend their home, the Meridian Empire, from an unexpected foe. Will the sisters find the truth amid all the lies? Will they make it out of Finale alive?


The Caraval trilogy is one of my favorite fantasy series, but Finale fell short of my expectations. While Caraval was filled with the whimsy and wonder of Scarlett’s adventures on Legend’s Island and Legendary followed Tella’s own Caraval journey, Finale veered away from the roots of this series, delving more into magic and mythology. Despite its differences from Caraval and Legendary, I enjoyed reading from both Scarlett's and Tella’s perspectives and found the ending quite surprising. I would recommend Finale, or any book in this series, to fans of Percy Jackson and the Lunar Chronicles.  


I give this book a rating of four out of five stars.

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Kayla B.

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