Flashback by Shannon Messenger
Shannon Messenger
Jun 8, 2022

Flashback by Shannon Messenger is the seventh book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities fantasy series. In this book, Sophie and her friends realize that some of their old strategies have become too predictable. When Sophie and some of her friends get attacked, she realizes she must do more to protect who she loves. Sophie is fighting back and preparing for battle with some of her new bodyguards. Sophie begins to realize that her old strategy of “one problem at a time” is no longer working. And, with Sophie and her friends unsure who they can truly trust, they find themselves taking incredible risks. Risks that could end up being deadly. With the Neverseen plotting their next move, Sophie must wonder if she and her friends truly can protect themselves, or if the Neverseen will finally get what they have always wanted. I love how this series has many twists and turns along the way to make it interesting. I also like how this series has a level of suspense that has you questioning things and living through it right along with the characters.

Written by
Victoria O.

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