Forget Me

Forget Me by K.A. Harrington
K.A. Harrington
Nov 22, 2021

This story is centered around Morgan, who is grieving the loss of her boyfriend, Flynn. Guilt overwhelms her everyday, as she believes she could have prevented his death. Despite this, her best friend Toni, encourages her to post a picture of him on social media to have some closure. That is until the photo is tagged with someone who looks exactly like her dead boyfriend. Who is this “Evan Murphy”?

Forget Me is a mystery/thriller that has many twists and turns. I would give this book five stars, as I haven’t enjoyed a book this much in a while. The concept is very compelling and the twists weren’t immediately noticeable. The only complaint I have is that the romance feels cringey. I think it's just too sudden and probably would be better without it. The cover was eye-catching and what led to me picking up the book in the first place. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mystery books.

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