Four by Veronica Roth
Veronica Roth
Apr 12, 2021

Four​ is a collection of short stories, including the first four novellas of the ​Divergent​ series, by Veronica Roth. The first part of the book is made up of ​“The Transfer​,” “​The Initiate​,” and “​The Son” and focuses on expanding on Tobias’ past and events prior to Tris’ initiation. These three stories were pretty good, but the first, ​“The Transfer​,” was the best of the group. The second part of the book highlights events that take place during Tris’ initiation. This section includes ​“The Traitor​,” a novella, and three short stories that are only a couple of pages long. ​“The Traitor”​ was my favorite of the book because it had so much new information to offer, whether that be Tobias’ thoughts or unknown events.

The three short stories at the end didn’t add much, but I don’t think they were intended to do anything other than offer brief glimpses into Tobias’ thoughts during important moments during Tris’ initiation. In these stories, Tobias’ thoughts are shared during three events; when Tris jumps into Dauntless headquarters as the first jumper, the beginning of the initiation when he confronts Christina and when everyone eats together for the first time, and finally when he’s drunk and flirts with Tris. Some of these stories and novellas were great, and others not so much, but overall this book was pretty good.

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