A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson
Holly Jackson
Sep 28, 2022

Pippa Fitz-Amobi is an ambitious senior at Fairview High School who is tasked with an
individualized project that every senior at their school has to complete. Pippa, being the curious
student that she is, chooses to solve the mystery behind the murder of Andie Bell, a student who
previously attended Fairview and was rumored to have been murdered by her ex-boyfriend Sal
Singh. For Pippa, what initially began as a project to take another look at the closed case has now
become a reinvestigation as the conclusion of how Andie was murdered simply does not add up.
So, she ventures on what will become a very long--and dangerous--journey in order to find out
the real truth behind Andie’s death, and whether Sal really committed suicide after ‘killing’ his

A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder, and the books that follow in its trilogy, have to be some of my
favorite books of all time. If you’re new to the genre of mystery and/or thriller, this book is
definitely a good start. The novel begins as what seems to be a harmless reexamination of a
murder that is known by all of the inhabitants of the small town of Fairview, but Holly Jackson
does an amazing job of progressing this simple senior year project into the full-blown
reinvestigation of a murder case. The book doesn’t entirely set itself up for the rest of the trilogy,
but I still was itching to check out the next book in the series (Good Girl, Bad Blood). So, all in
all, I would definitely recommend A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder for anyone who wants to start
reading mystery books as it is a phenominal transition into the genre.


Written by
Haya B.

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