Gotham The Complete Fourth Season

Gotham The Complete Fourth Season
Oct 21, 2021

The fourth season of Gotham was amazing and engaging to watch. Although many people say they did not like this season, I found it enjoyable and fascinating. This new season of Gotham is different from other seasons, but every season has its own unique form which makes it amazing. In the fourth season of Gotham, Penguin takes over the city and licenses crime to gain the citizens of Gotham’s attention. Detective James Gordon knew that the Penguin had to be stopped so he went to the Falcone family for help. Little did Gordon know that when he asked a gangster to rival in a war with another gangster, it would not be bloodless. Throughout this season Gordon must face his darkest side of himself while saving Gotham from the new villains that are introduced. I had an amazing time watching this because I liked how Gotham switched the perspective from Penguin being the one to infiltrate a gang to a Falcone being the one to crawl into Penguin’s trust. I would highly recommend this season to fans of Gotham and fans of Batman because this season starts to tell a piece of the story of why Bruce Wayne left Gotham and returned as the Dark Knight.

Written by
Aryan C.

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