Gotham The Complete Third Season

Gotham The Complete Third Season
Oct 21, 2021

The third season of Gotham was my favorite season out of the series. This new season has magnificent action, unraveled mysterious, intense rivalries, and betrayal. Gotham season 3 begins with James Gordon quitting the GCPD and becoming a bounty hunter to stop the monsters that escaped from Indian Hill. Bruce Wayne discovers a secret court that oversees Gotham’s “Judgement” which states that the city must burn before it can be rebuilt and lastly, we get introduced to a key villain, The Riddler, who teams up with the Penguin only to find out that Oswald was responsible for some horrific event that gave the Riddler his name. I had an outstanding time watching season 3 of Gotham because it introduced new villains who use unorthodox methods to take over Gotham and because it was interesting and fun to watch. I highly recommend Gotham to fans of DC and fans of dark detective TV shows because I would call this the best season of every detective show.

Written by
Aryan C.

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