Hello (From Here)

Hello (From Here) by Chandler Baker & Wesley King
Chandler Baker & Wesley King
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Nov 19, 2021

While working in a grocery store just before lockdown begins, Maxine bumps into a boy named Jonah. Instantly, they start to form feelings for each other and struggle to maintain contact. Do Maxine and Jonah form a relationship? Read more to find out!

I enjoyed reading this book, considering how the timeline and settings of this book is relatable to many people. I enjoyed how the author formed a question in my head while reading this: is love really meant to solve all problems? This book explores how teens are also vulnerable to tough problems and situations like pandemics. The characters were relatable and had depth in them, which I liked. I really like the cover of the book, and how social distancing is incorporated into the cover. I would rate this book a 5/5 and highly recommend this book to readers.

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Marium K.

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