Henry V

Henry V by William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare
Jun 17, 2022

When life gives you tennis balls, turn them into cannonballs! “Henry V” is written by William Shakespeare and is one of the greatest works of patriotism ever. The star of the story is a young and rowdy man who was most known at the time as Harry. Harry finds himself as the king of England after his father, Henry IV, dies. After a few bitter civil wars, the people of England are restless and dissatisfied, and Harry needs to prove to his people that he is worthy. Harry tries to lay claim to a few French lands (using his French roots as reason), but the young Dauphin (prince) of France sends an insulting and ridiculing message to Harry in response. From there, Harry ignores the odds and transforms into King Henry V as he unites a tired and disparaged England to do the unthinkable and invade mighty France.

Henry V” is all about unity, which is seen by how Henry V uses words and rhetoric to bring people of different social classes together to accomplish a common goal. Henry V also uses rhetoric to sound cold and calculating, evident by his response to the Dauphin’s message. “Henry V” is one of Shakespeare’s most underrated plays, and the strong feelings he invokes in the reader is something that not many other books can do. “Henry V” is a strong tale about leadership, courage, unity, and has lessons that will stick with you for life.

Written by
Nihanth D.

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