The Hit

Melvin Burgess
Dec 17, 2014

There's a brand new drug: Death. Take it and you'll experience the best week of your life - and then die promptly after.

I thought it was a decent, fast-paced book. The concept was very interesting. I felt  very distant from Adam, who, despite being the main character, had a lacking presence. However, I loved his character - he wasn't really a "hero", he cries when his life is crumbling around him. He's a gold digger. He's an awful boyfriend. In short, he's a complete loser. I found that really fascinating.

My favorite part was the overall concept of a drug that would be so intense and wonderful you would die after. I also liked the plot twist at the end and the toppling of regimes.

Despite the countless flaws, I did enjoy this book. A good fast-paced read for a slow Saturday evening.

Recommended For: Around 16. There's drugs/sex/violence/rape connotations, so not very child friendly. Fans of thrillers or James Patterson might enjoy this book!

Written by
Eunice Lee

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