Hundred Percent

Karen Romano Young
Feb 26, 2018

Tink is heading into sixth grade, her last year in elementary school and she must deal with everything from her body suddenly changing to the ever increasing strain between her and her best friend, Jackie's, friendship. Hundred Percent is an authentic and true look into the mind and life of a girl transitioning from a child to a young adult.

The cover of the book is what originally drew me in, it's bright and colorful and just a joy to look at. This book surprised me in the best way, any novel dealing with a protagonist fourteen or younger must maintain a precise balance of accurately depicting someone of that age without dumbing them down or making them much too old. I'm so glad that Hundred Percent was a book that managed to strike that perfect balance. Though it is meant for an audience much younger than me I enjoyed it immensely. Young's writing was clever and Tink seemed to me like a real girl that I would have met in my sixth grade. My only criticism for the novel is that it had the beginnings of a discussion on slut shaming of young girls and the effects of that but in the end that was never fleshed out or resolved for Jackie. Other than that, I devoured this book in about a day, it's a quick and enjoyable read.

I would recommend this book for younger children between third to sixth grade. Honestly, I think anyone could read this novel and have a lovely time. Maybe those who tend to steer more towards coming of age YA would enjoy Hundred Percent. It is basically a coming of age for middle grade.

Written by
Cathy from Leawood Pioneer Library YAAC

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