The Inheritance Games

The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Jennifer Lynn Barnes
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Aug 12, 2022

Avery Kylie Grambs is just a teenager living life the best she can after her mom
passed away multiple years ago. She is living with her older sister, until everything
changes when a mysterious man shows up, telling Avery that she has inherited a
large sum of money. After this meeting, Avery still is in shock when she inherits
around 46 billion dollars from a random person she has never met, Tobaias
Hawthorne. There is only one thing she has to do to keep her inheritance. Stay alive
and live where the bitter Hawthorne grandsons reside for 1 year. Avery finds herself
falling for them while also solving the biggest riddle of her life.

This book is definitely worth all the hype. I had heard many good things about it, but
was still a little suspicious. I definitely can see why there are so many holds on it. I
really enjoyed the puzzle and riddle aspect of this book because it reminded me of
some books I read when I was younger. I do wish that some characters were
developed a little bit more, so I could feel out the relationship between the
characters easier. When reading this book you have to be on your toes and paying
attention to all the small details which I found very enjoyable. Overall, a great read
that is popular for a reason.

Written by
Anna S.

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