Instructions for Dancing

Instructions for Dancing by Nicola Yoon
Nicola Yoon
Oct 6, 2021

After witnessing the break-up of her parents, it’s hard for Evie Thomas to fall in love. Her belief is soon strengthened when she finds out she has an ability to see the beginning and the downfall of couples’ relationships. But after she meets X, a boy in her dance class, she wonders if love is worth the heartbreak. Does Evie beat the odds and form a strong relationship with X? Read more to find out!

Although this book seems like it’s about romance and love changing your perception, this book is about the struggles of Evie and how she grows and takes a betting chance on possibility. I really like the topic of the book, how it’s about letting yourself become vulnerable. This book is very bittersweet, I enjoyed reading the book, but, I did not like the ending. The ending seemed too tragic and sudden. I like the cover of the book; it is very attention-grabbing and detailed. If you like books about magic and a little bit of romance, this book is the one for you!

Written by
Marium K.

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