The Iron Trial

The Iron Trial
Holly Black & Cassandra Clare
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May 12, 2023

In this book, we learn that Callum Hunt has the potential to go to the Magisterium which
is a school for mages who can harness the elements. However, his dad wants him to fail the tests
and not go as he claims that it is an evil place. Despite trying to fail the entrance exams, Call gets
selected by the most prestigious Master, but as the school year progresses, Call discovers hints of
his dark past that may be why his father did not want him to learn magic.

In my opinion, this book is 4 out of 5 stars because it is full of action and comedy from
page 1. This book is the perfect blend of a fun heartwarming story with a mix of a dark story
underneath. Holly Black and Cassandra Clare do a great job of telling a story that flows well
with no gaps in the story. The reader is never confused about what happened in the book, but the
reader will yearn to see what happens next in the story, as this book will keep you on the edge of
your seat at all times. The most compelling aspect of this book was discovering more about the
main character, Callum Hunt, and how he connects to the overarching story, which I won’t spoil
so you have to read the book to find out why. I was never disappointed while reading this book,
but a negative would be that the authors missed out on a lot of things that could have made the
plot a lot more interesting. There were moments in the book where the authors could have
continued on to make a scene more interesting, but instead, they would end the scene. This
doesn’t make the book worse but it just leaves me wondering how much more interesting would
it be if they would have just expanded on one more thing.

This book would be perfect for a person who loves fantasy books similar to Harry Potter.
While the plots are very different, many aspects of the books are similar. Also if you love books
with action and adventure this book would be perfect for you.



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