Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar
William Shakespeare
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Apr 24, 2023

Julius Caesar is a tragedy by William Shakespeare and is personally one of my favorite
works from him. It’s about Roman general Julius Caesar, a very strong and brilliant, if not
arrogant, man who is ultimately assassinated by a couple Romans after they learn that he
would become the emperor of Rome. This launches Rome into an all-out Civil War. I love this
book because it shows that there is no clear right or wrong in this world. Shakespeare is careful
not to portray Caesar as a hero, but also to make sure he isn’t a villain either. One of the main
characters, Brutus, is a man of honor and kills his friend Caesar because he believes it would
lead to a disastrous result for Rome. Marc Anthony, though opposed against Brutus’s actions,
understands Brutus’s reasoning and even respects him more for it. Outside of the rest of the
conspirators that killed Caesar out of jealousy, there is no good or bad person in this story, and
that’s why I think it is so beautiful.



Written by
Nihanth D.

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