Life in Outer Space

Life in Outer Space by Melissa Keil
Melissa Keil
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Jul 2, 2022

In the book that I have read by the name, Life in Outer Space, a movie geek kid named Sam Kinnison is set in Australia living with his mom and dad. His dad lives with them but has a very distant relationship. Sam also has a few friends but they are mainly at the bottom of the social hierarchy. A girl by the name of, Camilla, moves in and is super popular with a lot of the “A-list” kids but is also comfortable with the chess club and people such as Sam. As we go on through the book you can find many relatable moments, funny scenes, slight teen romance, and many more loveable characters.

Now as to my review on the book, I would give it a solid 4 stars out of 5. The reasoning behind that is because I feel this book is good for me and that I enjoyed the book whilst I was reading it but it never really had me engaged into wanting another follow up on it or no real cliff hangers that were interesting at the end of the chapters. I also feel the plot could’ve been developed a bit better and I wasn’t able to get some of the games and movies references such as World of Warcraft and Dirty Dancing ones. I also didn’t feel that the entire portion about one of Sam’s friends quitting karate and coming out was necessary part in our book. The settings also felt a bit more Australian rather than American in my opinion because I heard very little about Australia if any and more similar to an American setting like mine.

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