Little Fish

Ramsey Beyer
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Oct 3, 2014

Ramsey Beyer grew up in small town Michigan, dreaming of going to art school in a big city. Although she loved growing up in a rural area, she longed for the diversity and challenge of an urban life. So when it came time to apply to schools she looked for art schools in her favorite big cities, eventually settling on a well-respected institution in Baltimore.

With her freshman year of art school and a move to a big city looming ahead, Ramsey began to worry that she would miss her rural life. Between rigorous foundation classes and learning to live with roommates, Ramsey kept meticulous journals, expressing her worries about future careers, making and loosing friends, and finding romance.

A touching memoir of uncertainty, adventure, and a little soul searching (as is appropriate in a freshman year in the big city), join Ramsey as she explores her experiences at art school. Her experience is universal and any reader can understand the search for a place to fit in, the fear of old friendships changing, and the uncertainty of the future.

Reviewed by Kate M.
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