Lodestar by Shannon Messenger
Shannon Messenger
Jun 3, 2022

Lodestar by Shannon Messenger is the fifth book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities fantasy series. In this book, Sophie is unsure who she can truly trust. With tensions between the Intelligent Species rising, Sophie and her friends are in more danger than they ever could have imagined. When the Neverseen attack, they hit close to home. Sophie realizes that sometimes the only way to protect everyone she cares about means putting them in even more danger first. The Neverseen have made plenty of mistakes, but Sophie and her friends must figure out what to do with the clues they have been given before their world topples into war and rebellion. Even with the help of the Council, Sophie is forced to question whether or not her world is truly as prosperous as she was once led to believe. I am really enjoying this series, and I highly recommend it!  I like that as the series continues, it keeps building on previous events.  Don’t miss a page, or you might miss some important details!

Written by
Victoria O.

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