Look For Me

Look For Me by Lisa Gardner
Lisa Gardner
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Jun 21, 2022

Look for Me is an absorbing and complex crime story that keeps readers interested til the very end. It is told from the perspective of a detective and a survivor. Roxy, a teenager, loses her family due to a fatal shooting in her home while walking her dogs. She never comes back. Police are looking for her, desperate to find answers to what happened that night. But this isn’t a normal family. Roxy’s family was broken in many ways and Roxy still had to pick up all of her pieces and start over. She was forced to be the responsible one to take care of her siblings when her mother became a drunk and lost everything including her kids. She had to be the one for everyone, but no one was there for her. From horrific foster homes to child abuse, the police find out the family’s secrets, piece by piece. But all of the answers are leading to Roxy.

This book was an interesting but tragic read. It talked about how some families can be so broken, in ways you can’t explain. Roxy’s life shows how abusive and unforgiving people can be, and how this girl went through horrific things no one should go through. It keeps you wondering until the very end and there are many plot twists. This book would be given a better review but it was a bit too gory and terrifying. I would recommend for those who like true crime stories, it was definitely a page-turner.

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