The Lost Hero

The Lost Hero
Rick Riordan
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May 19, 2023

The Lost Hero is the first book in The Heroes of Olympus series and is written by Rick Riordan. This book follows three demigod friends (Jason Grace, Piper McLean, and Leo Valdez) and how their stories intertwine with each other. Jason Grace has no memory of his past, Piper McLean is hiding a secret, and Leo Valdez is trying to heal from a terrible moment from his past. Together, they must succeed on a quest given to them by Hera. This series is the sequel series to the Percy Jackson series, and you need to read those books first before reading this one. 

I love the Percy Jackson series, and I found that this book gives more Percy-Jackson-like content for fans. Personally, I love this book a lot because it was the first book I read in the Percy Jackson universe (before I realized I was making a mistake) and rereading it has proven to me that my love for this book isn’t just nostalgia from fourth grade. This book is actually really good, and while it does have some of that Percy Jackson humor and action, it also has a lot of emotion in it. Our three main protagonists are fully fleshed out as characters (which is impressive) and we truly feel bad about their problems. Of course, Rick Riordan did make this book so there wasn’t any way I could dislike it, but I think Riordan made something special with this one. For Percy Jackson fans, this is a must read.

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Nihanth D.

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