Love? Maybe.

Love Maybe by Heather Hepler
Heather Hepler
Aug 15, 2022

Piper Paisley harbors great disdain for Valentine’s Day. Does it matter that her birthday is also on
Valentine’s Day? No, she still hates it. When Piper’s two best friends contrive a plan to woo a
boy by Valentine’s Day via love potion infused chocolates, Piper is unsure. It’s not like Piper has
had the best track record in the love department. Soon, Piper finds herself spending time with the
most popular boy in school, and, maybe, falling a little bit for the boy next door. Who knows
what can happen when you sample magic.

Love? Maybe is an anytime read, and I can prove it. Looking for a book to read on a lazy
weekend? Love? Maybe. Need a good book to bring on vacation? Love? Maybe. Anytime,
anyplace Love? Maybe is the book to read. I love this book, because it’s a whole truckload of
sweetness. This book literally makes me giggle, it’s so cute. Watching Piper develop stronger
relationships with her friends and open her mind to the idea of love is truly amazing.

I give this book a rating of five out of five consternation hearts.

Written by
Kayla B.

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